A downloadable game

this could be big. I have tested it on many random people, first friends then more obscure and random. I have worked on it ages.

alternatively just play the game and enjoy


allien attack mk9.exe 2 MB

Development log


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Overall I thought the game was ok, pretty fun but nothing groundbreaking. I will say I like the intentionally ugly, shareware, aesthetic, but I don't like that it plays like it. The enemies move too fast so it's hard to hit them. The bullets move pretty slow and I'd recommend speeding them up or making it so you can hold down the space bar. The health is kind of confusing as you instantly die (probably just a programming error). Lastly I really don't understand what the purple blocks are for other than tripping someone one up. I hope you don't take my feedback negatively, I'm only trying to help.

thanks I am working on an instructions and explanation page so I will speed development of that up. I am planning to release a new version soon. probably before Christmas so watch this space